Friday, February 27, 2009

What a Not So Pleasant Surprise

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It's sad really, the things I have to endure because of it. Like I eat nonstop for it's preparation, I guess you can say almost like an inauguration. Prior to it, I go on a gorging rampage which consists of shoving anything I can get my hands on into my mouth. It's rather scary actually. Then the hormones start acting up and every situation just seems so depressing and irritating; during one of these stages, I like to express myself by throw meaningless temper tantrums and pointless fits. I feel bad for whoever is there during these explosions; I can see the fear in their eyes and their hopeless attempts at trying to comfort me. And it's all because of it!

I cried yesterday because of it since I suddenly left like I was loosing a friend; the person I went to confide in ended up asking me, "Is it coming?" and I immediately blew up in a raging ball of flames and started screaming and arguing to no end, saying over and over, "Nobody understands me, nobody cares!" Yep, these are the consequences I have to face every time it comes around, I have no control over my emotions, they're just everywhere!

Right now, as I am typing away, my stomach is again protesting, chanting "FEED ME! FEED ME!" and like a great loving mother, my mom declares that there is absolutely nothing to eat in the house. So I have once again resorted to three candy-bars: Crunch, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers. But since I am so terribly hungry, I am feasting away imagining myself eating chicken and mashed potatoes instead.

I just love it when it hits me in the pit of my stomach, making me clench onto my belly and wince. What great pains I suffer from it, especially during class where everyone just hears this soft whine and it's me in the corner of the room, battling it out with my cramps.

And yep, it just happens to pay me a visit every month. It shows just how much it misses me by rewarding me with cramps, PMS, and a mean appetite. Don't you just love periods?

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  1. I have started stock-piling food when I know it's coming. I also revel in it. I have to eat. No feeling guilty about it. It's what the hormones want. Gotta do what the hormones want. So although there's all the other crap that goes with it, I'm going to bask in the fact that the hormones want more crisps...pass me a packet will you?