Monday, March 2, 2009

Where's the pride, the dignity?

So I went to the beach yesterday and I had the luck of being, in practically every situation, the third wheel. Life is just great when you realize that you can't hangout with you're friends anymore without their boyfriends tagging along. It's sad actually. I was sitting in the back seat of a car driving on Beach Blvd to Huntington Beach and my friend and her "temporary" boyfriend was next to me, smothering each other with caresses and kisses. It was a beautiful day, the sun finally showed itself after many days of gloomy foggy weather. And I got to spend it in the most awkwardest way possible.

What really upsets me sometimes is the way some girls just seem to pour themselves over a guy, it's almost like their clinging on to dear life. Is their no dignity, no pride?

My best friend for example, is a great friend in every way but her biggest flaw is guys. She is the type of person to just drop everything for a guy. She is right now in a relationship with my best guy friend and the weird thing is that I don't know who to worry about more. It's complicated.

I know that everyone has their weak points but it really bothers me to see a person pour their whole heart and soul out for another person and in the end have their feelings completely crushed. I told my best girlfriend to NOT put in that much effort unless she was getting the same amount back, but it's already too late. I see it. She is in love, again. She calls her boyfriend nonstop and does everything she can to make the relationship last, even my giving him little heart-felt presents here and there. The sad part is that he is already taking it for granted, complaining about how "clingy" she is. But that's the sad reality, some girls are just willing to lay their hearts out for someone their interested in. I guess some people just have to learn the hard way.

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  1. I totally get that. I had two very best friends in highschool. They both were in very serious relationships with their girlfriends. I was quickly, quickly replaced. Sorry!