Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

So it's been a while since my last entry and I am terribly sorry for the delay but summer just started and the events just keep piling up. I guess you can say for once in my life I am living like a normal human being.

After work yesterday I had the opportunity to go watch UP which was good, but not great. I guess when you have high expectations for something, you more or less always end up getting disappointed. The movie was overall very cute and very funny BUT after hearing about how "great" it was for weeks, I expected more from a Disney/Pixar film.


Now for the short film, Partly Cloudy, that premiered before the movie actually started, that was great. I was cracking up the whole time like a deprived child watching her first animated film. The animation was superb and the film overall was hilarious which was pretty amazing since like other Pixar short films, there were no words involved. Therefore in order to understand what's actually going on all you have to do is just watch.


On another note, summer started just recently and since then the scale has once again hated me due to the amount of weight I've managed to gain over the course of a couple of days. I think it was all due to the events that took place before graduation for example, Grad Nite, graduation dinner, and banquets, that screwed up my metabolism and eating patterns. Which reminds me, Disneyland will never look the same to me after Grad Nite. Seeing thousands of high school seniors gathering together in one place, dancing, getting high, dropping ecstasy tablets, and grinding up on each other, is wayy tooo disgusting and disturbing for me. All the sweat and saliva and who knows what else, that was exchanged that night is just way too dramatizing for me to ever see Disneyland as the once innocent theme park known as the "happiest place on earth." Yuck!

Just keeping you posted. Tootles!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sizzle Sizzle Spice Spice

This is what high school has resorted to during our last few days of school. We watch a movie, we write an essay about it, watch another movie do a power point presentation about it, or better yet some teachers just allow us to sit there and do nothing all period long.

I know it would be strange of me to complain about doing nothing at school but yet again I'm going to complain. I abhor wasting time away by doing absolutely nothing in class. For the past few days it has gotten to the point where I've slept through a whole day on school, sleeping from one period to the next all because I'm bored out of my mind.

Today, not surprisingly, we watched Star Wars The Attack of the Clones which is a pretty decent movie despite the fact that Hayden Christensen can not act but overall I give it a thumbs up. During the movie, even without my glasses, I was once again reminded of how magnificently crafted Hayden features are. I was practically blind while watching the movie and I had to squint and pull at the sides of my eyes during the love scenes just to get an outline of how gorgeous and how mesmerizing he can be with his breathtakingly squinty stare. DROOL


You get the idea.

Since I haven't really been sleeping lately, I've developed this bad habit called bitchiness which is fairly unpleasant when you happen to be around me during one of my numerous melt downs. Therefore I've decided, more sleep, more exercise, and less binge eating. I'll keep you updated on how it all goes. But for now I must say my goodnights before I turn into some grizzly unrecognizable beast.