Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here I go again.

I didn't want there to be this huge gap between every entry. But I guess things have went from disappointing to depressing.

Sorry I haven't wrote in a while and I am terribly sorry about that but there is just so much negativity in my life right now that I didn't want to depress the rest of you with my sob stories. But what can I say, I feel the need to blog so here goes.

So the last time I submitted an entry I ranted about how I didn't get into San Diego State University. Well as you can probably assume, I didn't get into any UCs besides Riverside which is extremely depressing since I expected so much more. I wasn't prepared for so many rejections, one after the other. Plus, school lately has been filled with nothing but drama. I am not talking to two of my best friends for reasons that I will not get into; lets just say that I hate it when some girls get so caught up in their relationships that they end up neglecting their other girlfriends who have stuck there through thick and thin. BUT anyway life's been tough lately and there's just so much to complain about.

Oh and due to the numerous rejection letters that have managed to accumulate on my table, I decided yesterday that I needed a break, from everything including my life-long diet. Yesterday a couple of friends and I decided to celebrate our failures by gorging at the most unhealthy and fattening place ever: Hometown Buffet. It was delightfully sinful, I never ate so much before but I felt like it was all for a good cause. We laughed and ate and laughed some more while getting up to get 3rds and 4ths.

But since that was yesterday, I had a reality check this morning, waking up feeling bloated and grungy as ever.

Gosh it feels so great to be blogging again!

Monday, March 9, 2009

So this is how it feels to be rejected

It's a sad day.

So I was coming back from school today with a cup of frozen yogurt in my hand with my favorite flavors: plain, blueberry, and pomegranate topped with mochi balls, mango, and strawberry, when I received a horrific letter in the mail.

It's funny just how one simple thing can ruin a person's whole day, but yep I got a big fat slap in the face by a rejection letter. I don't want to sound snooty but I really didn't expect one, well at least not from a Cal State. I knew there was a possibility that I would get reject from one of the higher UCs but not a Cal State. The school was San Diego State University. It was so unexpected and then I looked up the acceptance rate for that school it turned out having a 32% acceptance rate. That made me me feel a little better but it just gets me extremely worried about how the others will come out.

I still have to hear back from 6 more schools so I guess there's still hope and I will probably start receiving more letters by the end of this month. I just hope I don't get rejected. I don't know if I can handle being rejected twice. Ha ha it's funny because normally people would complain and associate rejection with dating and relationships. Which just goes to show how nonexistent my love life is. AND again I'm off topic.

Hopefully next time I can actually enjoy my Pinkberry without having my mailbox be the bearer of bad news. So I guess it's time to eat my feelings once again; Subway here I come!

Sunday, March 8, 2009



Me being an extremely cheap person, went to AMC this morning and bought movie tickets for 6 dollars each. It's my way of cheating through life; if makes me feel like I'm getting special treatment for some reason.

So on this perfectly flawless Sunday, I went to watch Coraline which is this 3D cartoon made from the producers of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I must say that although the movie was trippy and strange, I enjoyed every minute of it. It exceeds all imagination barriers and the graphics are fabulous. I felt like I was traveling through a completely different world; I just want to know how the director manages to imagine and create all this. The movie overall was beautifully done and super appealing to the eye.
The main character Coraline, voiced by Dakota Fanning, travels through this whole new fantasy land through a secret hidden door in her new home. She travels through the door in her sleep and finds her everyday bleak surroundings altered into a magical paradise. There's this one part of the movie where she travels through the backyard garden during one of her dreams and the colors and graphics are just superb. Here's a picture!
What I originally thought was suppose to be a typical childrens film turned out to be completely enjoyable and even at times suspenseful. I say if you're looking to escape reality, you should really watch the movie; it will succeed all your expectations.

Baskin Robbins

Here's a update on my oh-so exciting life.

I managed to get a job in the 4-5 days that I didn't publish a post. I now am an official employee of Baskin Robbins where I scoop ice cream for 8 bucks an hour. Doesn't that just sound dandy? Anyways I went in today to watch a training video and I swear the questions that they asked where questions a 5th grade could probably answer. Seriously what has happened to our once glorious country built on establishing figurative language and using that language to expand they way we communicate and express ourselves? In the training video I watched, the sentences were seriously like "germs are bad for you, make sure to wash hands good" and "many people die from germs so keep work area clean." I felt like I was becoming increasingly retarded as the video worn on.

After all that, who knew there were so many ways so scoop ice cream. It's funny to say but there's actually a technique for that: The S-scoop, The Semi-circle scoop, and The Straight Across scoop. It was hilarious when the video noted that every employee had to wash their hands for precisely 20 seconds. I couldn't resist laughing when the video actually showed the whole 20 second hand washing part-- just in case we forgot how to wash out hands. After a while I zoned out and realized during the 20 second hand wash just how amazingly hairy the person's arms were.

So I guess you can say, since I have a job now, it counts as another thing in my life to complain about. Busting my ass working minimum wage while at the same time gain weight from all the free ice cream. It's like Gods way of saying "Just give up! You will never get skinny, ever! Muhahaha!"

Baskin Robbins. Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How Peculiar

It is really quiet funny actually when you fine yourself sitting in class expecting something to happen. I've imagined it thousand times already; what would happen if I just smacked the person sitting in front of me right across the head? Just because I felt like it. How would he react? Yep as you can tell I can get pretty bored at times with life. And these days it seems to be getting worse.

Since senior year is almost over, it seems like the teachers have given up on us as well. I have practically no homework anymore which is bliss. BUT the time I do spend at school, sitting away the hours really frustrates me. What is the point, really, in just being there to learn absolutely nothing. I could be doing so much more with my time; doing something that actually fascinates me and interests me.

Oh and another sad thing is that I've given up on trying to converse with others, I just don't care anymore. In my 3rd period class there is this girl who constantly rambles on and on to me about meaningless stories about her life; she smells like rusted metal and is extremely rude to me whenever I have anything to say but is super spirited and friendly whenever she has something to share, which is always.

So besides these dreaded encounters, school is pretty bland. I'm just waiting for something to happen because at this moment I feel like I am in a deep sleep that I just can't seem to wake up from. I feel numb to everything around me.

I need a vacation.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Where's the pride, the dignity?

So I went to the beach yesterday and I had the luck of being, in practically every situation, the third wheel. Life is just great when you realize that you can't hangout with you're friends anymore without their boyfriends tagging along. It's sad actually. I was sitting in the back seat of a car driving on Beach Blvd to Huntington Beach and my friend and her "temporary" boyfriend was next to me, smothering each other with caresses and kisses. It was a beautiful day, the sun finally showed itself after many days of gloomy foggy weather. And I got to spend it in the most awkwardest way possible.

What really upsets me sometimes is the way some girls just seem to pour themselves over a guy, it's almost like their clinging on to dear life. Is their no dignity, no pride?

My best friend for example, is a great friend in every way but her biggest flaw is guys. She is the type of person to just drop everything for a guy. She is right now in a relationship with my best guy friend and the weird thing is that I don't know who to worry about more. It's complicated.

I know that everyone has their weak points but it really bothers me to see a person pour their whole heart and soul out for another person and in the end have their feelings completely crushed. I told my best girlfriend to NOT put in that much effort unless she was getting the same amount back, but it's already too late. I see it. She is in love, again. She calls her boyfriend nonstop and does everything she can to make the relationship last, even my giving him little heart-felt presents here and there. The sad part is that he is already taking it for granted, complaining about how "clingy" she is. But that's the sad reality, some girls are just willing to lay their hearts out for someone their interested in. I guess some people just have to learn the hard way.