Sunday, March 8, 2009



Me being an extremely cheap person, went to AMC this morning and bought movie tickets for 6 dollars each. It's my way of cheating through life; if makes me feel like I'm getting special treatment for some reason.

So on this perfectly flawless Sunday, I went to watch Coraline which is this 3D cartoon made from the producers of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I must say that although the movie was trippy and strange, I enjoyed every minute of it. It exceeds all imagination barriers and the graphics are fabulous. I felt like I was traveling through a completely different world; I just want to know how the director manages to imagine and create all this. The movie overall was beautifully done and super appealing to the eye.
The main character Coraline, voiced by Dakota Fanning, travels through this whole new fantasy land through a secret hidden door in her new home. She travels through the door in her sleep and finds her everyday bleak surroundings altered into a magical paradise. There's this one part of the movie where she travels through the backyard garden during one of her dreams and the colors and graphics are just superb. Here's a picture!
What I originally thought was suppose to be a typical childrens film turned out to be completely enjoyable and even at times suspenseful. I say if you're looking to escape reality, you should really watch the movie; it will succeed all your expectations.

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  1. Thanks for the movie review. I want to see it more now! I think that this 3D concept is extremely interesting.