Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baskin Robbins

Here's a update on my oh-so exciting life.

I managed to get a job in the 4-5 days that I didn't publish a post. I now am an official employee of Baskin Robbins where I scoop ice cream for 8 bucks an hour. Doesn't that just sound dandy? Anyways I went in today to watch a training video and I swear the questions that they asked where questions a 5th grade could probably answer. Seriously what has happened to our once glorious country built on establishing figurative language and using that language to expand they way we communicate and express ourselves? In the training video I watched, the sentences were seriously like "germs are bad for you, make sure to wash hands good" and "many people die from germs so keep work area clean." I felt like I was becoming increasingly retarded as the video worn on.

After all that, who knew there were so many ways so scoop ice cream. It's funny to say but there's actually a technique for that: The S-scoop, The Semi-circle scoop, and The Straight Across scoop. It was hilarious when the video noted that every employee had to wash their hands for precisely 20 seconds. I couldn't resist laughing when the video actually showed the whole 20 second hand washing part-- just in case we forgot how to wash out hands. After a while I zoned out and realized during the 20 second hand wash just how amazingly hairy the person's arms were.

So I guess you can say, since I have a job now, it counts as another thing in my life to complain about. Busting my ass working minimum wage while at the same time gain weight from all the free ice cream. It's like Gods way of saying "Just give up! You will never get skinny, ever! Muhahaha!"

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  1. I wouldn't complain too much--you are lucky to have a job. I worked in an icecream shop at age 14--and one more in the following years. I can't even count how many part time jobs I've had in 20 is over 10 though. Enjoy the experience, it really won't require you to bust your ass too much.