Saturday, February 7, 2009

American Teen

Yesterday my friends and I decided to have a movie night so we gathered around the TV to watch American Teen. Unlike all the other teen movies, this was a documentary. It's a documentary about 5 completely polar-opposite teens who all happen to go to the same high school. I love the director's choice of characters because each person was unique in their own way. However I didn't find one that related to me but maybe that's because my existence is so damn mundane, either way I really enjoyed it. For a person who loves reality shows, this movie was perfect.

I love having the opportunity to just take a peek into other people's lives just so I get a glance of just how bizarre and interesting people can really be. Like most people, I loved the character Hannah; there was just so much personality oozing from one person. She had big aspirations of becoming a director in a major city which is always exciting. The great thing was that in the end she went out to pursue her dreams even though both her parents opposed of the idea.

I am actually going off to college in a couple months as well and its great to just be able to see how other teenagers around the country struggle and stress about the same things that I have been through. Going off to college is a major step, I see it as barely the start of life.

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