Friday, February 20, 2009


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So today I had a jam session with my friend, we are putting together this collaboration of the song "Tetragrammaton" by The Mars Volta which I must admit is a pretty awesome song. Normally I don't listen to stuff like that but that song I guess is an exception. So here's the plan, since I have been learning piano for about 7 years and my partner is like this crazy electric guitarist, I think this whole synchronizing crap might actually work.

The thing is that there's this senior talent show and I guess we're going to just go for it. I, unlike my friend, am super shy around people I'm not comfortable with so preforming in front 600 people might not be the best idea. But oh well, I'm gradating so why not?

After that whole escapade, I went to get a badly needed haircut for 20 bucks which is a pretty good price. When I was sitting there, the lady that was cutting my hair started speaking to me in Korean which of course I completely do not understand but she went on ahead anyway. All I did was smile and said "volume please?" and she nodded and started slicing and hacking away at my hair. Before I could even have a chance to shake my head, most of my hair was cut off leaving the back super short. The next thing you know the lady pulls out a blow dryer from out of nowhere and starts drying my hair. She runs her damn hands all though my hair, flipping my it back and forth while scratching my scalp which was awfully unpleasant. Then she started babbling again, holding the damn blow dryer 2 inches from my scalp. I felt like my scalp was on fire.

Yep. This is what I get for a cheap haircut, boyishly short hair and a burnt scalp. But you know what? My fucking hair is as voluminous as ever.

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