Sunday, February 15, 2009

Me, Cook? I Think Not.

So I was sitting in the living, hunched over a magazine, waiting for the food to cook itself and the next thing you know I am on the computer once again. Its a simple rainy Sunday and the weekend has been great so far. I was able to go ice-skating yesterday and managed to receive a big purple-green bruise in return for attempting to skate. Today is movie night with friends and we decided to make pot roast and mash potatoes together but the funny thing is that I just end up prancing around the room watching everyone else cook. I guess some people in the world are just meant to eat food, not cook it.

But I did buy this jazz CD that I immediately popped into the CD player and the next thing you know the sound of elegant jazz filled the whole house. It's the type of fancy dinner restaurant music that makes you just want to light candles and pop open champagne. So while I was reading a magazine and watching everyone else cook, I realized that I could really get use to this, living life on my own. Maybe renting an apartment with friends and just living together for college. I enjoyed the laughter; the "oops" and "oh shit" that echoed throughout the kitchen. It is just such a huge transition from the constant nagging my parents give me over every little thing.

The rest of the night was spend gorging on meat and mash potatoes while watching Love Actually which I must say is a very cute British movie. So there goes another free meal and another weekend, tomorrow is Monday and what better way to start of the week than to sleep in til twelve o' clock.

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