Thursday, February 5, 2009

Peace and Quiet

My house is chaotic, everything is a mess. My thoughts are constantly being rapped by multiple muscular men. There is no peace and quiet; something that I desire oh so much. Out of all the rooms in the house my pest of a brother is deciding to play his clarinet in this one. What is suppose to be harmonious melodies are coming out like farts and banshee screeches. My mad monster of a mom is screaming up a storm even though its already been raining all day today. My papi who enjoys a couple of beers after a "long day of hard work" is loafing on the coach, breathing with what seems like his entire massive belly which appears to be the only thing that's moving.

Yup, I'm just waiting for it, my mom like a vulture is going to scavenge for something to scream at while my dad bellows back using all the strength that's left in his enormous belly, while my brother blows the freakin hell out of that stupid goddamn clarinet! And I am going to just sit here and sulk until the day comes when I finally get some peace and quiet.

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