Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

So I recently finished this one book called The Mysteries of Pittsburgh which in many ways like the title, mysterious. Its basically about this guy who is really confused about what he wants out of life and especially love. So throughout the story which is really only the summer months of June, July, and August, he experiments with his sexuality. First with his girlfriend Phlox and then with an another man named Arthur. However towards the end of the story he falls in love with both of them, ruining his relationship with his father, who is this gang leader, in the process.

What's sad about the story was that it always seemed like Art was in his own little world where he was constantly lost and confused about what he wanted; having to decide between who he loved more and also having to live up to his father's expectations. In the end, Art decided to run away from everything, from his father, from Phlox and Arthur.

I guess you can say that this story has a strange concept but the thing I found really interesting about the book was how the author wrote. The way he phrased ideas together and the way he basically put things into perspective. Overall the book was very different than anything I ever read, but definitely worth it.

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  1. So glad you found this book! It's been my fave since 1993 when I first read it. I was right out of undergrad at the time and felt much like the protagonist, Art Bechstein in terms of being lost and not knowing what would come next in life.

    Not sure if you've heard but there is a movie version coming out this Spring. It is NOTHING like the book. The plot has been changed, gay Arthur has been CUT and Phlox reduced to a minor character. Cleveland is now bisexual, and he and Art become lovers after Art has a fling with Jane.

    As you can see, it's a mess... I hope you won't wast your time and/or $$. FOr more info check out the Official MOP Film Boycott: www.myspace.com/mysteriesofpittsburgh