Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a W(B)itch

This week I must say is pretty hectic. I have testing to worry about for one but also the ridiculous rumors that have been circulating around school lately about me. So due to my blabber mouth I said something I wasn't suppose to say but I apologized for it. But does she really feel the need to talk so much shit? Seriously I can't even walk to class without having someone giving me a nasty look or a snicker. I was walking to class today and I said "hi" to this one girl who I've been saying hi to since the beginning of this year and her response to my pleasant greeting was a cold unnecessary glare. And this is precisely why I don't like making too many girlfriends. I swear, some girls are the most sensitive, vicious, back-stabbing, shit-talking, superficial people in the world. So instead of solving this issue in a mature way, I have to go through school day after day knowing that a bunch of nosey people are involved and judging me.

But other than that school has been great. For example, lunch as not failed me yet.

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  1. Oh I've been there. Rely on your friends to support you until it tides over, and ignore the idiots.