Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Unpleasant

So it just so happens that it's summer again. I swear two days ago the weather was still chilly and breezy but yesterday all hell broke loose and the sun came storming out, beaming on all of us chanting "I'm back!"

To make things more uncomfortable, I'm sweating which is all too unpleasant when you have to sit still and type. It the worst feeling in the world to have the dry molten sun blasting it's fiery blazes of light down on you while you slowly feel your skin crackle and peel. As you can tell I absolutely hate hot weather, I rather be frozen to death in frosting temperatures than endure what I did today. I can probably fry and egg on the god damn pavement right now. Okay maybe I'm overreacting just a tad but seriously I loathe southern California in the summer time.

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