Saturday, May 23, 2009

Five Pounds in Just Two Weeks

So lately I've been this monstrosity that literally eats anything it can get it's hand on. Since prom is officially over I've been to every restaurant in a three mile radius from my house. Just these past two weeks, I've managed to eat out at: Subway, Baja Fresh, Oho Hawaiian BBQ, Ajison's Ramen, Souplantation, Yogurtland, Coconut Bay, In & Out, Ten Ren, Taco Bell, Dolphin Bay, and Niko Niko Sushi. So in the span of 14 days, I've eaten Mexican, Thai, American, Chinese, Hawaiian, and Japanese food. The sad part of having a job is that you end up spending lots and lots of money on useless things such as food. Yes, while you're eating you may feel happy but in the end you really don't gain anything out of it besides a bloated stomach and a couple of extra pounds on the scale.

Besides my sinful indulgences, lately I've been assigned this one project from my English teacher. It's a rememory project where you have to look back on your four years of high school and write about them. The minimum is five essays and I haven't even started one and, it gets worse, it's due in practically 2 days. Plus there a visual portion as well where you have to decorate the project and make it appealing to the eye. This means I have to bust out my good old creativity skills which I don't have.

Well wish me luck. I have to go tackle my journal and dig for things to write about.

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  1. I hope you complete your essays in time. I'm sure you've experienced lots that would make great stories.