Friday, May 1, 2009


It's a Friday night and I'm at home, alone. Whooopiee! -_-

So lately there's been alot of complications with prom. As of now I'm going with someone I don't even want to go with but of course my mouth always gets me in trouble. He asked in a very nice way and I couldn't bring myself to say "no" and now I'm stuck. The person who I truly wanted to go with is now going with another person and it's all because I couldn't say no. Booohoo...

Prom sucks! Instead of going to prom I think I'm going to get drunk and throw my own pathetic party. I'm just so disappointed how the way things turned out. I can't believe I'm going to prom, probably the most memorable and expensive night of my life, with someone who talks ALOT and who I recently discovered is super cheap. There you have it. I am going to use up the rest of my Friday night to sulk. Tootles!

By the way, does anyone have any books they would like to recommend? I need some sort of distraction.

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