Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Night

So I went to a party yesterday that consisted of sweaty people brushing up and rubbing inappropriate body parts against each other, couples exchanging saliva, and people practically having sex on the dance floor. The music was booming and the multicolor lights were blinding; it was like a big space station fill with a bunch of hormonal teenagers getting their boogie on. So I was in the mosh pit full of panting and heavy breathing; I felt like I was going to either die or collapse right there on the dance floor. I couldn't breath my legs were on fire; I never felt so much sweat and respiration in my life. It was absolutely disgusting. But at the same time the most sensational experience ever.

Yep that was my Friday night, I woke up this morning feeling like a seventy year old man. My back ached, my arms were sore, and my thighs were screaming out from exhaustion.

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