Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!


I am going to San Fransisco in precisely 23 hours and 15 mins! As you can see I am super duper excited. I'll will remember to take lots of pictures to show you guys so you can see just why I am soo excited. Here's my agenda for today: go to work from 2-10 BOOHOO! finish all my homework so I don' have to kill myself on the plane, bath in soothing hot water filled with "bath bombs" which I got at Disneyland, and of course pack pack pack. Once I get there I'm going to visit my maybe potential college: San Fransisco State University and scavenge through all the dress stores for a perfect prom dress. I got my pay check last Wednesday so I have a little over $300 to spend on my prom dress. Yipppee!

Now for the "no so great" part of my weekend. Due to the fact that I live in one of the fattest fast-food eating country in the world, I have once again managed to gain another 5 pounds. Yep talk about extremely depressing; I hate how my weight has to the be the "wet blanket" of every situation in my life. This week was suppose to be my diet week but Souplantion and Subway were calling out for me so I couldn't resist. Plus working at an ice cream store doesn't help either. You know my friend uses the restroom after every meal? She has the craziest metabolism and she's as thin as a swig. Just imagine eating all you want without gaining a single pound. That would be heaven.

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