Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Panic Panic Panic!

There is just so much to do and just so little time. I have two winter formals to go to this year which is great since it is senior year and all. BUT I can't organize things well! Everything at this moment is a wreck! I bought this gorgeous dress that is a size three but the funny thing is that the dress seems to be getting a tinny bit too tight. Yup I have come to the conclusion that my dress is shrinking! It is Gods way of spiting me for being too happy lately. Okay so maybe for the past few days I have had an extra meal or two BUT I still have time to slim down. Well actually I have exactly 3 days to slim down. Geez!
Since normally I'm the type of person to wear baggy shorts and loose fitting shirts, it is going to be extremely hard for me to walk in heels. Normally when I have heels on I get this nauseating sensation that I am going to topple over and fall on my face. Great this is going to be just great.
Okay besides that I have to find picture places and arrange everything else. God I am getting a migraine just thinking about all this. I just have to keep telling myself that in the end it will be all worth it. It will all be worth it. Yup I think its time for another snack, food as you know is the perfect cure for stress.

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