Sunday, July 12, 2009

F the weather F the heat and F my life

I'm back again to complain about the weather. I absolutely hate it. Today was exactly 95 degrees so you can just imagine me sitting in a one bedroom apartment for 5 hours with nothing to do but read and sleep. Okay I'm lying. But doesn't it sound more dramatic that way? The truth is that I live in a five bedroom house with air conditioning but still the weather was brutally hot regardless of the circumstances I was in.

I took a 4 hour nap today which made me feel completely exhausted afterward for some particular reason. I woke up feeling one hundred years old and unreasonably indignant. I rummaged through the fridge after my nap and ate 4 chocolate truffles which I immediately regretted eating afterward. So chocolate stained, hot, and pissed off, I threw a bitch fit and who took the blame? My little starry-eyed brother who just so happened to be the closest thing around me at the moment. There you go, me and dry hot weather just don't mix.

My head hurts now, great.

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