Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

It's a hundred and something degrees and I'm about to go crazy. It's a lazy Sunday and I can't even sit here without sweating. It's disgusting.

So let me tell you about 4th of July. It turned out to be a bit disappointing but overall it was better than staying at home watching my mom cry her eyes out watching overly dramatic soap operas about unrealistic characters being put in unrealistic situations.

Here's what I realized during 4th of July; all my once charming and innocent little chums have turned into psycho drug addicted maniacs whose sudden motto in life is to "Life fast, die young." For the guys it's been one drug or another and for the girls it's just been SEX. It's really disturbing to find out that your once high school lunch buddy is sleeping around with multiple guys just for fun and who you happened to see yesterday making out with someone who was obviously high. So I took a couple of jello shots and grabbed some of whatever was left of the food and exited with a couple of friends who were also terrified at the what was happening inside that one storied house jam-packed with drunk hormonal teenagers.

I ended up watching fireworks from a little cafe near home which turned out to be perfect since I'm a late night coffee addict who just so happens to have midnight cravings. So after my fourth cup of coffee I decided that it was time end my little escapade and go home.

Which reminds me I have a free coupon to IHOP yipppee! which means infinite refills! My ultimate scheme is to drain all the coffee out of that place.

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