Saturday, August 8, 2009

Into the Wild

Ever feel really awkward in your own skin? Well I've been feeling like that a lot lately and it isn't because I'm gaining weight (thank god!) but it's just because I have an unusually low self esteem, which I guess is normal for some people. For example today I was working with this really cute guy who like a god, is super suave and charming in everything he does. And I, like the ugly duckling, was overly conscious about everything I did. Is my hair to poofy? Is there something on my face? It's really exhausting actually.

On a more positive note, I recently watched this movie or documentary you can say, called Into the Wild, which is about this guy named Chris who seeks to create a new life for himself in the wild. What initially was a brilliant plan turned out to be a huge mistake when Chris realizes the only true happiness comes from being around others, specifically loved ones. After two years in the wild without any source of human contact, Chris dies alone in the wild from eating poisonous root. Unable to express his remorse, Chris dies on his bed; his face wet from tears. The ending is especially traumatizing and heart-wrenching. I would recommend this movie to everyone of all ages although there is some nudity but it's only for expressive and artistic purposes.


  1. That movie sounds great :') I just watched the trailer :/ I would love to get it some day

  2. You should! Emile Hirsch is a great actor. Plus he's pretty cute (: